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Present should nanchang hotel industry

Date: 2014-03-07

Jiangxi hotel, Wright peace international hotel, jin feng hotel, gloria plaza hotel, garden hotel and the Nike international hotel six five-star hotels, occupancy rate rising, the average occupancy rate is as high as 90% above.With high star-rated hotel occupancy wave red higher in contrast, low star hotel prices have been falling.Nanchang city tourism bureau deputy director GanChunRui says, now more than nanchang two-star hotel, the hotel has more than 50, overall development smoothly.Due to the increasing in recent years the number of the hotel, the guesthouse, causing low star hotel occupancy rate is not high, a loss situation.Zou Tong qian told reporters that tourists, meeting wu personnel like check-in facilities luxurious international hotel, as a "middle" low star hotel in hardware facilities, service level, can't compete with positioning high-end customers five-star hotel.At present, nanchang star hotel has more than 14000 beds.On December 9, 64 session of the national drug trade fair opened in nanchang.Chen wu, deputy secretary-general of nanchang city government, told reporters that due to nanchang all upscale hotel reservation, some of the staff the hotel booking in jiujiang, would rather run more, also don't want to stay low to the nearest star hotel.GanChunRui also said: "nanchang five-star hotel is not too much, but too little."This year on February 6, was nanchang made a four-star luxury hotel, five lake hotel, five lake hotel, the chairman of the new QiXiaoHang explained that they come to invest in nanchang is want to build a five-star hotel.Red valley beach district have been built, under construction or planning to five-star standard hotel has amounted to nine.Nanchang hotel supply is only structural, not integrity.According to the views of Zou Tong qian, nanchang star level hotel industry is lack of excessive competition and competition exist at the same time, general two-star hotel total surplus, excessive competition, the five-star and super five-star hotels are in short supply for a long period of time, lack of competition."Nanchang star hotel at the reception level compared with the developed provinces, there is a certain gap."Nanchang university tourism management professor huang jia said, nanchang need more five-star super five-star hotel, even further enhance the reception ability and the reception of the nanchang grade.

Transformation "is a way outAlthough business hotel in nanchang and low star hotels is currently, the shadow of "loss" but it is still difficult to stop its "blowout" growth.Even on the market there is a voice: "transformation" is the way out.Although this makes sense, analysts believe that the budget hotel after reach a certain number, market competition will intensify, along with the increase in competitors, 100% of the guest room occupancy can only become a beautiful memory.Product homogeneity is the budget hotel nanchang fatal flaw.Nanchang city bureau of statistics, according to a survey, "seven city" was held in nanchang, will greatly boost the nanchang commercial tourism development, also brings to the nanchang accommodation catering reception capacity test.The rapid development of economy hotel can relieve stress to a great extent, nanchang local economy hotel will have great development opportunity.An unnamed expressed its concern about building hotel management personnel, at present, nanchang low star hotels, business type in average hotel occupancy rate is only about half, after the "seven city" in the past, will not be "low" problem, namely, such excess hotel, become a burden to the local economy.Because this expert suggests, low star hotel might as well give up the shackles of star standard, realize the advantage of the hotel, focusing on a particular market segment.If three-star hotel is located in the CBD, should keep the hotel business facilities of the original and modified, and entertainment facilities will be cancelled, transformed into delicate economy business hotel;If near the two-star hotel is located in the scenic spot, might as well fade out business function, is suitable for the large group dining restaurant, converted into tourist hotels..."Refine the target customers, fill the blank of the market, improve the service level, form a stable consumer groups - this is the low nanchang star hotel, as well as the business type hotel 'rebirth' road."Zou Tong qian said.